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Quality Processes, that we refer to sustain your education business profitably & efficiently.

NTQ is a Research & Development Initiative of Kanoe Group emphasizes on bringing all the stakeholders involved in the education ecosystem worldwide, on a single platform to communicate freely to build an interactive community, where Government & Private Educators, Teachers, Parents and most importantly Students can come and contribute to create a happy and learning network to grow together. Where Change is adapted faster than time to cope up with the constantly changing era.


Research and discoveries are done on ancient time proven Techniques and implemented cross continent, cross cultural landscapes to create differences in the entire modern education system.

Our NTQ Ambassadors are appointed in each schools are the flag bearers,  meet often in various events and networking get together  to discuss and  take it forward to implement SOP- Scope Of Procedures to resolve daily challenges to clean the system to make a better environment for students to perform better.

NTQ students demonstrate a higher ability or a potential for higher capacity compared to their peers. This ability needs to be nurtured through advanced academic development. NTQ has been organising programmes for students for the last decade based on research in this field and keeping in mind their specific needs. We deliver world-class, academically rigorous programmes.

eLogin™ virtual class, is a comprehensive end to end, cloud based secured digital platform to deliver your class on OTT model that your students can access on multiple devices like laptop, mobile phone, smart TV and Tablet.

Extended Learning in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

NTQ is a research & development initiative of  Kanoe Group and one of the largest assessment companies in the world. With millions of data points about student’s learning, we are the only ones, to scientifically identify the brightest and the most gifted young minds across the world. We create opportunities that allow our students to actualise their unique abilities.

NTQ Training Initiatives

NTQ has various training programs specially designed for Educators, Teachers, Parents and Students that helps each of them to perform in their role efficiently. 

Our Flagship Virtual Class




Rupak Basak


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Technical Director

Aravind Warade


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Assistant Manager-


Nikunj Ghimire


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Assistant Manager-Public Relation

Esther Wangui


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