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Annual Exam Result Delayed, Nepali parents and students are worried

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Delay in declaring results for the Annual Examination in schools in Nepal worries the Parents and students that they may loose many months of this fiscal year.

Due to COVID 19 Pandemic, the Government Of Nepal announced to locked down the entire country for good and all the schools across the Nation is closed till June 2020, however that concerns the school authorities, Parents and students that students may loose many months of this year .

National Talent Quest Research & Development Centre”NTQ Nepal an initiative of Kanoe Technologies Nepal Pvt Ltd (KANOE) , who runs various Edutech based services, collaborating with PABSON, Nepal to announce Annual School Examination Results for all grades in Nepal

NTQ Nepal has launched an App to declare the results for all the schools in Nepal .

Schools/Students may download Androied App from (App Download Link) or visit https://www.ntqnepal.com.


All the esteemed schools are invited to log on to https://ntqnepal.com and choose your package that best suits your school to announce the result of the annual examination on a secured platform where, students may see their results online, on mobile Apps with user Id & Password or, By email and SMS services.

This application also gives you the freedom to explore various bundle of knowledge based links like, Knowledge Centre, Study Centre, Virtual Class (Both Live & Recorded Vlass) to continue the class after the result is declared.

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