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eLogin™ Virtual Class a Saviour in running the schools during Locked Down due to COVID 19 Pandemic

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

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eLogin™ virtual class, is a comprehensive end to end, cloud based secured digital platform to deliver your class on OTT model that your students can access on multiple devices like laptop, mobile phone, smart TV and Tablet.

"Having trouble conducting online classes when your students are unable to attend physical class or you wish to activate “study from home” option for students?.”

eLogin Virtual Class uses latest SSL and security compliances like GDPR, ISO27001, PCI-DSS to secure the entire platform.

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eLogin™ Virtual Class also addresses additional sections of your business including Chat and notification , SMS and Payment gateway integration, fees & dues management, Examination & Result management, time table & syllabus management, teacher and students management , Evaluation and customized Analytics Dashboard to help your business to perform online virtual class seamlessly. .

Teacher can create a class with respect to subject, chapter and topic as per the prescheduled timetable and syllabus for a group of students to deliver your class simply by uploading videos and pdf content or by going live on our live class platform. And also can add Assignment and Examination after each class that your students may complete and submit online. It has online attendance module that provides you with detailed analytics to evaluate student’s activities and participation in the virtual class.

To get eLogin™ Virtual Class, please send your request to info@kanoe.com or register on https://www.ntqworld.org

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