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MESTA matches with the 2020 Digital standards

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

MESTA (Maharastra English School Trustee Association) is launched on eLogin™ Membership on Digital platform.

Yet another proud moment to announce that Maharastra English School Trustees Association has signed working contract jointly with Kanoe Softwares Limited (https://www.kanoe.com) to work in the digital space to bring it's 18000 member schools and over 17 million students on a single interactive Cloud & mobileapps platform to enhance the quality of education across the length and breadth of MESTA schools Maharastra, India.

Mr Aravind Warade Kanoe's Technical Director & Mr Sanjayrao Tayade Patil, the honourable President of MESTA has signed the contract on 1st Nov, 2019,at MESTA Head Office, Aurangabad to initiate the process.

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