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NTQ has Global Partner Program to assist & help NTQ members to avail NTQ services seamlessly

NTQ  Global Partner Program

We have three Layers of Partnership

1.Franchise Partner (FP)     


              FP Type               (Investment Opportunity)      Profit Sharing

             a)  Platinum               US$ 132,400.00                         45%

             b)  Sapphire               US$ 66,200.00                          35%

             c)  Diamond               US$ 33,100.00                           30%

             d)  Ruby                     US$ 13,240.00                            25%

             e)  Gold                      US$ 6,620.00                             20%     

FP can create ASP, SIP and register members/clients under him/her

2. Authorize Service Partner(ASP)         Profit Sharing 15%


      Eligibility : The Partner shall bring 20 Dealers or System Integration Partners(SIP) under his/her account to register as ASP

ASP can create  SIP and register members/clients under him/her

3) Dealers/ System Integrator Partner (SIP)       Profit Sharing 10%

     Eligibility: The Partner shall bring 10 members/Clients within first 3 months from SIP registration date.

SIP can register members/clients under him/her

Note: To Know more about the complete FP/ASP/SIP partner program, fill up the form below or send email to about your interest.



To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.